Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Join the Dots

So...let's join the dots.

Last year, a research study from University College London, showed that although there was no overall difference between the intelligence of men and women, both women and men perceive men to be more intelligent than women. They perceive their father to be more intelligent than their mothers, their grandfathers more intelligent than their grandmothers and their sons to be more intelligent than their daughters.

Then women are marginalised and made invisible by the use of male gender language to stand for both genders.

Then when people do that, we find that they actually associate male words with maleness.

I see more than just a pattern emerging.

Meanwhile, if the patriarchal Catholic church is losing its sheen for you, oh, and you happen to be Irish, you can asked to be excused by filling in the forms on this website. You will be joining almost 5,000 others who have already done so.

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Sleepy said...

I check that site everyday!
Love watching the numbers go up!