Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Alex and the Geese

Alex is here, this was a last minute plan, and I have been under a gag order until she'd surprised everyone. And she has surprised people, there has been much screaming and general...well...surprise.

The Snow Geese are also here. We took Whisky for a walk along the dyke - shows how long I have been here that I can even type that word - and the snow geese were abundant, rafts of them floating on the river, blankets of them just hanging out, and then gangs of them squawking and taking off.

In the garden, my spud bags have been half filled and spudded. At the first hint that the weather is warming up, I'll be planting my pea seedlings out, and probably some onions. I have also planted carrot seeds left over from last year. The biggest problem is that I'm following instructions on the BBC's Gardeners' World website, which has a week-by-week checklist, but temperatures are clearly higher in the UK than here right now. Unfortunately, I can't find a local equivalent.

Anarchy really isn't my thing. Just saying.

I'm entirely ready for the Royal Wedding. I have my stylist here. Easter will have passed, so I'll have my chocolate stash to consume. That's about it really. Is there a special, loud musical instrument for the celebration? No? An oversight I'm sure.

Oh, and this is how far we haven't come in the desire to just be allowed to be who we are and not to be judged on an impossible and undesirable goal.


Sleepy said...

I know this is probably very obvious but have you checked what gardening 'Zone' you are in?
I've followed it and the back of seed packets with no adverse affects..
The climate you have there seems very similar to Pompey just without the protection of the Hill and the IOW.. So you get snow..
This is where your frequent flyer friends come in handy, get them to rob a plane blanket each time they travel.. They are perfect for wrapping round pots or covering ground without paying the arse rapey prices for 'Gardening Fleece'..

Schneewittchen said...

Ooh, no, but now you've told me I've googled it and I will study carefully. The mountains seem to have the most weird effect on all of our weather systems too, must be darned confusing for the cows. I do have some plane blankets! I will press them into use. Also, Ikea generally has some colour of fleece they can't sell that they're knocking out for under $3.