Thursday, 5 May 2011

Frightful Upstart

So, this morning, on the CBC news, so our equivalent of the BBC, the newscaster asks a young woman of 20 who has just been voted in as an MP, whether this made her frightful. Good grief. No shame, no shame.

Then Laurence showed me a You Tube video of his company, and the owners were being interviewed.
'This is a new, upstart company,' says the incompetent interviewer. I'd have slugged her for that. Well, not really, but I'd have wanted to.

Tonight, I have to sleep attached to an oximeter, this is a machine which will determine whether I have sleep apnoea. I figure it can only determine that if I can sleep while attached to it, otherwise, it'll be one long apnoea.
We'll see.


Karen said...

oooh, the Glenda has sleep apnea. She got a sleep machine about 6 years ago and her cheeks pinked up and she felt way more rested. bit of an awkward machine but worth it.

Schneewittchen said...

One of my friends from school e-mailed to say that she too has sleep apnoea and what a difference the machine makes.