Sunday, 2 November 2014

Violets and Daisies

It's been so long, I've forgotten how to do this. In any case, I found it hard to log in.

It's 2nd November, an important date. My father died 14 years ago. It's also the second day of National Novel Writing Month. Neither of these is why I suddenly decided to return to the blog. Although.....maybe the second one is.

I've created a writing diary for November, The Daisy Diaries. This is because this novel I'm writing as Daisy Davis. It's quite different from my Horse-sur-mer novels, so I thought a different person should write it.

The picture made me do it. I took the picture of one of our planters down in Birch Bay, this morning. A friend on Facebook had tagged me to post a picture of flowers and I'd been given violets. I'm not very good at the whole posting things on Facebook. I wanted to post a picture of my violets, and although they're not in flower, they still have beautiful leaves - shape, colour, even fragrance. I also liberated the original root from someone else's garden. They seem to be happily liberated.

I had 'write a blog post' on my list for over a year now. My friend, Di, had mentioned that she used to keep up with my news when she e-mailed to wish me Happy Birthday. Last year.

So...uninspiring post, but post it is. Rock and Roll.

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