Friday, 18 June 2010


I have been practising cruise control. Given that I don't like giving up control over the gears of the car, cruise control has been something I haven't liked the idea of, and yet I need to get used to it. It's scary. It's like someone else is driving the car, but I'm still steering. It does, however, contribute to fuel efficiency, so I have been practising and along the long roads that lead to the border with the States, there has been plenty of opportunity.

The picture is of a Stellar's Jay, sitting in the tree in our garden. Now, Schloss Schneewittchen doesn't actually have a garden, but the trailer we have just bought does. Mobile home, it's a mobile home. And it's very nice. And it's in Whatcom County, Washington State, so we had to brave going further down the I5 the other day to register our ownership and pay our property tax. We're going there this evening - er, to the trailer, not the Courthouse again.


Sleepy said...


Schneewittchen said...

We totally are :)))

Sleepy said...

"Gang" trip to London tomorrow, but as soon as I get back I'm trawling the Rue Albert for Horse Brasses and such like to bring over in September!

Schneewittchen said...

Don't you bloody dare! Oh, or....a pikey would sell them surely, so I could do that. Plus, I'm not wearing big hoop earrings or scraping my hair back into a side pony tail. I will flirt with the pikey life, but never embrace it.

It's also just occurred to me that even the US citizens who are allowed to be in the country all year round, aren't allowed to have that as their primary residence. I may have to stop calling it the trailer park. Good, won't have to do the hair or the earrings. Although I'll still sell the horse brasses.

Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

no more brass! Point of note: pikeys/gypsies (as I understand it) generally live in Caravans. These, strictly speaking, are mobile abodes. This new place is very much not mobile (barring, of course, the always impending "big one" or a rather complicated set of logistics and city planning permissions to have it hauled away).

However, if Schnee migrates toward an fast Irish or Eastern European accent...I'll put up the brasses myself :)