Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Traffic Jam

Holy Carp. Tuesday already. My life is currently a traffic jam, complicated by the rain. In amongst this, Whisky has discovered the joy of shredding everything in sight. No, wrong, he always liked doing that, now he has discovered how to shred things NOT in plain sight.

At the weekend we had friends to stay who have now left to drive across country to Toronto. Alex and Seth went to Seattle and throughout it all - the rain. Every evening this week I have appointments, meetings, things that have to get done.
Things that have been getting me up early and keeping me up late.

Books. A friend of mine who writes herself, says that she never pays for books. I find this hard to justify. I have no objection to passing books on, nor borrowing them, in fact because of those two activities, it evens out, but I want to buy books and I do.
But how to choose them. Often I go on the recommendation of someone I know has similar tastes, or again because I have been lent or given a book. This can be interesting because they may not be ones I would have chosen myself. And there's a book I've been avoiding, even though a couple of people I know and whose book judgement I respect, have read it and enjoyed it. But it received quite the drubbing on the F-Word blog. Recently, I found the exact opposite view on another feminist blog, so now I've bitten the bullet and have to make my own mind up. I'm reading 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'.
What? You thought I was going to say 'Wind in the Willows'?


Karemay said...

I've taken to buying 'books' for my MP3 player. It's a great way of passing the time away when I'm in the Gym.

Raymond's Brain said...

I think the bit where Toad dresses as a Washer Woman would lend itself to feminist analysis.

Schneewittchen said...

Ooh, that's a good idea Karen. I still want one of those SOny e-readers, guess I'll get round to it:)

Raymond - gender equality allows that any gender may dress like any other.
I did however, see a blog with a wonderful analysis of Mr. Toad's popularity in relation to his generally obnoxious character.