Thursday, 25 November 2010

Epic Snow

Even more epic snow is falling. It was at six this morning too. My friend had invited me to her Rotary club's breakfast meeting and she was collecting me at 6.20. Getting up at quarter to six was no fun at all. Driving through the snow at 6.30 was - especially since I wasn't doing the driving. It's still coming down now. It feels warmer than the past couple of days though.

On the news earlier in the week, they were asking people not to call 911 to tell the police about the snow. In fact, really, there's not much point calling 911 to tell the police if there was some unusual weather condition, but for pity's sake people, look at the flags outside your doors, on your Macdonald's sign, on store fronts, on the money, this is Canada - it snows, granted not usually so much in this part of Canada, but it's not a phenomenon.


kdf said...

It isn't that bad ;) SOME people still rode bikes to work today (no really, I did see at least ONE other bike so it wasn't just me)

Schneewittchen said...

Stellar my love. Please try to get home safely. I believe you hallucinated the other bike.

Sleepy said...

Looking good!
It's fucking freezing here at the moment. East of the country has snow.
It will probably miss us, as usual.

Schneewittchen said...

Kev's out shovelling snow right now. We had the 'fucking freezing' bit in between snow falls. This morning when it was blizzard-like, it was warmer. Now it's down to brass monkeys again.