Saturday, 20 November 2010

Snow Dog


Sleepy said...


Dawn said...

So winter has arrived. I'm still waiting for snow here in NE Iowa. Three hours north in Minneapolis, they received up to 12 inches of snow a week ago and experienced an ice storm this past weekend. A winter storm is forecast midweek and promises to interrupt holiday traveling plans.

Schneewittchen said...

Sleepy - Whisky is just mad for it. Doesn't matter how cosy he seems all curled up inside, if I put my boots on he's lined up by the door in seconds and then bounding through it, rolling in it, rubbing his face in it. And of course, creating the famous yellow snow.

Dawn - The friends from Minneapolis you met when you were here, are on their way back there now, I guess they shouldn't be surprised!
We're staying put this weekend because of Thanksgiving on Thursday, and Black Friday, and even Washington State could have their Thanksgiving holiday plans disrupted by snow.