Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hijacking Hanukkah

So, my plan to hijack Hanukkah, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, the first person I wished a Happy Hanukkah to said...

'How did you know I was Jewish?'
'Well I am...we don't celebrate, but I am Jewish,'


But..on the other hand, I rang England and had a conversation with my granddaughter, she has been learning about Hanukkah at school. Austen thought we were talking about Holly's friend Hannah, there is a slight confusion since Holly does pronounce it 'Hannah Kerr'.

I wouldn't say the wheel has yet fallen off the hijacking wagon, but interesting times.

Interesting times too in the South East of England. Laurence flies in to Gatwick tomorrow, or rather towards Gatwick, since he doesn't actually arrive until Friday, except...well, Gatwick is closed due to snow.

Last time Laurence flew to England, the charter company went bust. When his dad came over, the volcano blew. Every time Ben flies something goes wrong. I'd say they were ill-starred in travel, but the truth is, a hell of a lot stops the smooth running of the travel industry.


Sleepy said...

The news here reckons Gatwick will be open 6am, so fingers crossed for him. Or he could get diverted to Heathrow which is running fine.

Schneewittchen said...

The flight has now been re-scheduled to leave tomorrow at 15.15, arriving at Gatters at 9.10 on Saturday morning - AND...we've discovered there's a direct train to Swanwick!