Tuesday, 1 February 2011


As promised, here is NOT a picture of a returned sock. After five days, the sock was returned not via the pooposphere, but barfed back intact. Thank-you Di for reassuring me with the tale of the Tesco's bag that took a week to pass through a hound. And I've learnt to always put my boots away when I've stuffed my socks in them.

I've been to the hairdresser's and had more than my share of the day-to-day lives of people who exist purely for magazines. In fact there was one that had pictures entitled, 'Celebs do the same things we do!' or some such tosh, and pictures of well-known people actually doing things like shopping, breathing and walking. What is wrong with me that I even opened the stupid thing and thus know that?

I find it utterly bizarre that people have complained to the British Advertising Standards Authority about an ad for Yves Saint Laurent's perfume, 'Belle d'Opium' on the grounds that the advert suggests drug use. YSL has had a perfume called Opium for donkey's years, have none of them ever noticed it had the name of a drug? Or....is it alright to name your perfume after a drug, but not ok to point it out?
Also, showing the model doing something that suggests drug use, does this render the perfume a gateway drug? Like, you've never done any drug taking before, but when you see the TV ad with the model being all languid and druggy, do you think,
'Blimey, I'd never thought of taking drugs before, I'd better get off my backside and go down the chemist's,' ? (This person wouldn't know the diff between Boots the Chemist and a drug dealer, natch).

To some, no doubt, religion is their opium, to others, opium is their religion, to yet more, opium is just a perfume.


Sleepy said...

Opium is one of the foulest smelling perfumes ever..
Tastes fucking 'orrible too!

Schneewittchen said...

I agree, it really is very heavy and mucky, but see after all the anti-hype, I am determined to seek out and test 'Belle d'opium'!

Sleepy said...

There was a particular body shop smell.. Might be Dewberry.. Not sure.
Well, there was a time in the late 80's early 90's (I think) when you couldn't help but get a gob full of that..
No matter where you started on the anatomy..

Schneewittchen said...

I was kind of wondering if you meant 'taste' in the office Barbara kind of way or in the literal way!

Sleepy said...

Um.. Literal!