Wednesday, 16 February 2011


The most brilliant thing, and bear in mind that there were many, to come out of the airport's overhaul for the Olympics, is the provision of free Wi-fi. This, surely, more than anything else will keep the campers happy, it certainly makes the time go more quickly. That, coupled with numerous living room style arrangements of really comfie sets around a telly screen, makes for a happier wait. My only whinge is the bloody heat setting. It must be about 25° and I feel as though my face might spontaneously combust.
Oh, I do have one other complaint. All this unpleasantness in the Middle East on the BBC World News is rather worrying.

Whisky is staying with Kevin's parents. I was so relieved that I was taking him over to them today, and not just handing him over to some kennels.
It was odd though, in the short time I was back home before our friend arrived to take us to the airport, I realised I was still aware of his presence in what I was doing, and then of course, his absence.

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