Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Ego of the Idiots.

I'm constantly thrown off balance by people's self-absorption. Last week, I thought it odd that there had been absolutely no post for four days. That's not impossible, but it is unlikely, considering there had been no junk mail either. I asked someone else whether they'd received any post. No. There were some workers in the post room and I asked them whether they'd seen Canada Post deliver. No.
It just happened that Kevin had a meeting of the complex's council in the room that evening, so he asked and one woman
assured him she had indeed received mail that day, thus derailing the whole thing. Instead of questionning herself, which I would have done, she had to be contrary, even though as it transpired, she couldn't possibly have had mail.
The next day, no post, no junk, so I went down to the sorting office, who had been keeping our post back for no reason they could see, all week.

On the way back, I was coming to an intersection and could hear an emergency vehicle. Although I had a green light, I stopped, as did everyone else on the road except one person, who came barrelling up the lane beside me, shooting across the intersection as the lights turned to red, like a car in a chase in the old fashioned TV shows. The fire engine, that was coming across with lights flashing at that moment, almost cut the car in two, which some may well think is what the driver deserved, except for the fact that the fire engine would then have been delayed getting to the emergency. Considering that here, the fire brigade are first responders and attend emergencies an ambulance might, that delay could have been a matter of life or death.
Beggars belief.

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