Thursday, 27 May 2010

Hell and Earth

Something is rotten in the state of ....hmm...well let's start with the Vatican. Although, amusingly so. The mistresses of forty Italian priests, have written to the Pope, calling for celibacy to be no longer required. About bloody time. Still, I won't hold my breath and nor, I'm sure, will they. El Papa would rather risk the continued sexual abuse by his foot soldiers, than allow what God ordained.
Pope Pillock the many?

Meanwhile, Elton John is being a cheeky little bugger (sic). He is stirring things up with his concert in Muslim Morocco. Nice one Sir Elton.

Yesterday, my friend told me that her partner had been on a plane, returning to YVR from New York. An Hacidic Jew made a fuss, refusing to sit next to a woman. No-one seemed at all sympathetic, and presumably, had a woman (or man) refused to sit next to an Hacidic Jew, all hell would have broken loose. Eventually, another woman went and sat next to the first woman, leaving a space next to a man.

Today was full of the warm kind of Judaism and this afternoon, the weather mirrored that. It was perfection. Warm, in a just-the-right-temperature kind of way, bright, but not blazingly sunny, a gentle breeze whispering through the trees, and an edge of sultriness.


Sleepy said...

I fought and fought this honestly but I am weak!
I just need to use the the words 'Hot and throbbing' and 'Between legs'...
'Nuff said.
Honestly.... I battled!

*I'll go to my room*

Schneewittchen said...

Hahahahaha! Bad girl :)))))

Kevin said...

Sleepy, it was either you or me. And if I said anything, it was sure to upset some of the more sensitive in da house ;)

Sleepy said...

Kev.. Happy to take that particular bullet for you mate!