Monday, 23 August 2010

Kid Gloves

Lafayette (the French one) "Merci Napoléon, ces maudites prisons autrichiennes me font chier!" (Thanks Napoleon, those accursed Austrian prisons piss me off).
Lafayette (the Bon Temps one) "Dem fuckers is a whole other dimension of trash". No kid gloves there.
Actually, I made up the first one.

Now, the current Head Prefect of Canada is Mr. Stephen Harper and he is not winning any hearts and minds apart from those of the nutjob bigots. His latest idiocies have been to make the Census optional, thus rendering it pointless, and preparing to dismantle the long-gun registry, thus sending Canada back about 100 years. Police chiefs are furious and plan to campaign against him on this.

My beef with him however, is more sartorial. Now, in general, male public attire is not very liberated, the un-reconstructed men have not taken the brilliant lead of the gay community in making their standard clothing more stylish or individualistic. But that being said, Mr.H. doesn't even do the shirt, jacket and tie look with panache. Or even competence.
This thing where they leave their top button undone and the tie at home on the special tie-hanger, is all very well in casual settings, but when talking to the public on TV, in your role as its leader, you can't be doing with this half-arsed look.
When we had Mr. Paul Martin as our PM for all of twenty seconds, he could work the 'rolled up sleeves, tie-less' look, because he looked like a man who was PM in his spare time, and for the rest of the day, pulled a shift on the shop floor.
Mr Harper on t'other hand, looks like he spends his day sitting around twiddling his thumbs and waiting for some lackey to come and give him a latte.
Not a man for kid gloves and yet somehow... a man for kid gloves.

Kid gloves have been on when handling the gradual reveal of my friends' wedding. Yesterday, in the Parish Bulletin, the gloves finally came off and it was announced that our vicar and her missus were to be tying the knot. So far, only positive and supportive feedback I'm very pleased to say. And actually, that is quite a thing to be able to say, given the general age group of most Anglican audiences.

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