Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Wheatgrass - it kills 99% of all known germs and then some. And it's growing in our kitchen. There it is, full of....grassy goodness. Think it tastes wheaty? No, no, no, no, no. It tastes of grass. I imagine Gillian McKeith eats nothing else.

But the most insane thing about wheatgrass is that you can practically watch it grow!
Alex has a seed sprouter, so it germinated very easily, and then we planted it. I make the coffee at 7.00 and take it back up to bed. About twenty minutes later I go down and pour a second cup. I swear, the wheatgrass had grown in that time. Why are we not air-dropping wheatgrass into areas of famine? - I mean apart from the fact that those places usually have no water. Oh, and that it tastes of grass. As soon as we work out how to extract all the anti-mortality ingredients from it, we will be ingesting it like mad.

Wheatgrass is mental. But it's hypnotic and it cleans your colon.


Pep Cougar said...


kdf said...

Unfortunately, the fibre is indigestable and, according to the usually snobby experts, proper extraction of the juicy goodness cannot be done with a standard blender. Either you only get a portion of the goodness, or you over-blend and the heat ruins what goodness there is.

Gail said...

good info on Gillian McKeith (I highly recommend his book)

I was thinking of doing wheatgrass since I'm pregnant and decided to look into it more before shelling out $3 a day at the juice place near my work. I found this article very helpful. The comments are pretty amusing too!

I've always been a bit skeptical and since reading Ben Goldacre's book, I've become very skeptical. Bozo will be happy to know that both this book (as well as Bozo) helped change my views on vaccinations.

Schneewittchen said...

Haha, thank you for those Gail :)))

I still think wheatgrass is amazing because you can virtually watch it grow!
Also, I think I personally may be able to digest it, because I am frequently told I'm an old cow.