Friday, 27 August 2010

Not Secateurs

Yesterday evening, a gift from a thoughtful god, thunder and lightning and then some much needed heavy rain.

Some random and often disconnected thoughts and links.

Creator of the Dilbert cartoon, Scott Adams, tells about his attempts to build a green house - natch as opposed to a greenhouse - and how he has a responsibility to do so.

Vampires are very fragile really, and we have created them entirely in our own image.

'True Blood' is too gay for some, not gay enough for others. A great post by Sparky on the site 'Womanist Musings'. Well argued.

Alex and her friend Mary are currently doing the Jack Kerouac tour, although the only on the road bit seems to have been my driving them to Seatac. The rain on the way back from there was more like a gift from a pissed-off-at-humanity style god.

At the Peace Arch border crossing, on the U.S. side, there is a sign giving the names of the people in charge. Painted onto the board is the name Barack Obama, but oddly, his title, 'President of the United States of America' has been stuck on as an afterthought. It was as though, when they got the board printed up, someone thought,
'We know who we want, but we're not sure what job to give them.'

Presently, the Women's Rugby World Cup is on. You probably wouldn't know this, but I don't care much for sport. I do, however, care for a woman's right to play it and to be lauded every bit as much as her male counterpart. Thus I mention it, and hope that sports enthusiasts will take a look.

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