Tuesday, 31 July 2012

All's Well that Ends Well

Last day of July - where did the month go?

My schedule changed in July - I've been working Monday to Friday as I will throughout August, and my day starts and ends earlier.

Tonight, in Superstore, I used my bolshie Brit powers for the greater good. At least it turned out that way.

I came up to the queue at the self service checkout and a woman was arguing with three members of staff and an Asian man was just standing quietly by  one of the checkouts.

'Oho,' thought I, 'entertainment!' but then I quickly realised it was annoying because they were blocking the checkout and it wasn't being used. So I struck up some comradely small talk with the two people in front of me. 'What's occurring?' I asked.
'Woman, grumble grumble, argument, grumble, grumble,' they vaguely said. So I went up to the member of staff nearest to us and said,
'Can these people use this checkout?'
'There's an argument.' she said,
'Yes, but the checkout's not being used, can these people use it?'
'The man is there,'
'But he's not using it.' So she shuffled around a bit and I went over to the man who was at the checkout but not using it.
'Scan your stuff,' I said. He just looked at me. 'Start scanning,' I said, 'scan your shopping,' so he did and the arguing woman moved away and the staff dispersed. I went back to the queue and the woman in front of me said,
'Good job, why didn't we do that?'
'Because you're not as bossy and unpleasant as me,'
'But you did it so nicely!' she said, with no detectable sarcasm,
'Really?' said I, 'I thought I was quite rude.'

Oh well, all's well that ends well as it were.

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