Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Mid-July. July seems to be going so quickly. My schedule has changed for the summer and I'm working Monday to Friday instead of Tuesday to Saturday, and I'm starting earlier in the day. The days are hot now, after a June of rain, heat and sunshine, and trouble sleeping because of it.

Funny that we have these long evenings and no TV - but it makes it feel as though you can get something done after work, instead of just vegging.

Kevin has done a lot of work at the Static. He has made new steps to replace the old, rotten ones. We've reclaimed some space in the garden and Kevin has built a fence to define it. He's built a bedframe to replace the old-fashioned and much too high, divan set, made new bedside tables and he has laid new flooring.

Now, we discover new challenges in the house. The basement has problems and we are looking at how to approach it.

The pace of life hasn't altered.

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