Wednesday, 18 July 2012

And Nasturtiums

Oh dear. The Olympics approach. And just as we were without snow when we had ours, Britain seems to be about to float away. What fun.

Here in Canada, things seem to be too hot, particularly on the east coast, and causing people to do atrocious things. There have been two shootings in Ontario recently, and yesterday on the news we witnessed the raw sorrow of the parents whose son was murdered on videocam, which was then broadcast on YouTube, and then chopped up and his bits and pieces sent across the country. The accused had pleaded not guilty, natch. Nauseating.

At the Schloss, all is not well. We have discovered mould growing in Laurence's flat, due to piss poor installation of the shower by previous owners. At present, walls, floor and shower have been ripped down, up and out. Decontamination continues and it's fortunate indeed that even on the west coast, we are currently suffering under the unrelenting sun.

We have two tomatoes on our plants. Not much I agree. Looks as though we might get some spuds this year. And nasturtiums.

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