Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Chinese Illumination

One of the dog walkers, at great length and in very much less than fluent English, explained to me about how evil the Chinese are. He kept punctuating the explanation by,
'And I should know, I am Chinese.'
He is. Mainland Chinese. Sometimes, here, the Mainland Chinese and the Hong Kong Chinese don't get on, although both seem to agree that the Hong Kong Chinese are in some way superior.

According to my informant, the Chinese have no sense of community, no public responsibility. They use pesticides in a city where they aren't allowed, because they want perfect gardens, they care about the welfare of their own pets, but not about that of others. He told me that they see dogs as food,
'I should know, I am Chinese,' he said.

They keep their own houses clean (?), but litter outside.
It all sounds so at odds with Communism. If he's right then it makes me wonder whether Communism has some unforeseen side effects. I mean, it seems such a perfect system, apart from the someone-having-to-be-in-charge problem, which inevitably opens the door to corruption, but then through the other door is anarchy, so no getting round it.
But does it take away civic pride, and if so, why? How can it dull the spirit it is supposed to engender - mutual interest and co-operation?

Interesting to ponder, but I have also found that information gleaned from my co-dog walkers is frequently inaccurate.

Dogs, on the other hand, abounded in church on Sunday, at the service to honour Francis of Assisi. Whisky was the loudest, and the bossiest, but he calmed down eventually and out-stayed the rest. Then he pooed on the grass at the front of the church.
Food? Not likely.


Sleepy said...

Yay! Whisky! Good Feller!
Has Margaret being watching the Vicar of Dibley and then putting it into action at St Alban's?!

Schneewittchen said...

Dibley was mentioned on Sunday!