Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Got the Bottle

On our TV news this morning - the upmarket one that still doesn't come close to the BBC, we have the shocking news that a British study shows that pregnant women can drink moderately, although modestly would sound more à propos, without it harming their baby or its future as a reasonably behaved citizen.
CBC seemed outraged by this.
'Canadian women may interpret this study as saying that pregnant women can drink moderately without harming their babies,' they said. Well duh, only if they are actually listening, yes. They kept coming back to it, like a ferret poking its annoying head out of a hole. As though, by constantly going on about what a stupid study it is, it will go away.

I took the bottles and cans back to the recycling depot. The Grey Goose bottle from Duty Free at Gatters stood higher than the others.
'I don't think you can give me money back on that one,' I said, 'it's from British Duty Free,'
'I don't understand,' said the assistant. I repeated what I'd said.
'I've never heard of that,' he said, 'I've heard of Duty Free in the States, that's all.'
And since he'd never heard of it, he gave me the money back on the bottle.

And here's the link to Ellen Degeneres giving her reaction to the suicide of the young man who committed suicide after his privacy was savagely violated by his roommate.

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