Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Straight is the New Gay

Kev's gone to a trade show in Las Vegas.
He's not amused.
Nor am I.

This morning, I popped into church, only to find that the place was heaving. It was Homeless Connect day. At the point when I walked in, there was a Northern Irish preachery person on the stage, put me in mind of the Reverend Ian Paisley. There were people giving out second hand clothing, others cutting hair, some offering dental advice, and in general, just....people, everywhere. I even saw at least one of the politicians who claims that we have no homeless in Richmond. Whisky did some equal opportunities barking and I barked at a person of indeterminate-but-deffo-not-white background who told me he was a 'Pastor' but addressed a group of girls as 'guys'. He said he saw my point, but that they were high school students, so they understood that type of language.
'And you, my friend, are supposed to be a leader, modelling a better way, not reinforcing to those young women that they are less than men,' said I.
Probably way over his head.

Howevs, to brighten up my afternoon, which, to be fair, was technically bright, best of both worlds, sunny, but not overly warm, Sleepy sent me this YouTube clip, which I've watched over and over. It has kept me chuckling. My favourite lines were,
"I was icing cakes with thirty chicks while you fuckwits were showering together," and "They're not tough? They fuck men, that's hardly gay!"


Sleepy said...

I love that The Grufferlicious is loud and gobby in Church!

Schneewittchen said...

I do too. It sort of balanced up the Reverend Paisley.

Dawn said...

The squash--stuffed? Will you share the recipe?

Schneewittchen said...

although we did it, obviously, with Butternut squash.