Sunday, 3 October 2010


The Static this weekend has provided some minor irritations, of the human kind. I have begun to wonder whether people who simply refuse to take the simplest measures to help the environment are simply, thick, just downright lazy, or actually evil.
Alex started me thinking on this when she reminded me of the utter arrogance of a woman who came into her shop. When asked whether she needed a bag, after some initial, 'well duh yes,' response, gave the line of the morbidly stupid, 'well one bag won't make any difference.'
Actually, she's wrong, because one bag makes one bag's worth of difference either towards solving, or reinforcing the problem.

The Static next door has permanently glowing fairy lights, the old fashioned coloured ones, not the newer low energy or LED ones. Strings and bloody strings of them, and they're not on a timer, they simply use energy night and day. Mysteriously, they got disconnected.
The other day I met her for the first time ever, I have not seen her the whole time we've been there. She introduced herself, mentioning not a word about the lights.
The following morning, as I returned with Whisky from his walk, she was walking towards her trailer, with a bath towel.
'I've been to use my neighbour's shower,' said she,
'Oh no,' said I, 'what is wrong with yours?'
'Nothing,' she replied, 'it's just not worth putting the hot water on when we're only here for a couple of days.'

Crossing the border was equally disappointing. Even the NEXUS queue was stalled, as, to be fair it cam often be on a Friday night. There are signs on the side, saying, 'BC is idle-free,' and reminding you to turn off your engine. But either I am the only motorist who can read, or the only one who bloody cares. Somewhere in the lines of cars, I can hear one other ignition turning every time we move.
Seriously, what is wrong with people?

On the subject of TV, which I wasn't, but I am now, has Glee, as Alex put it, already jumped the shark? The Britney episode was so outrageously lame it was like watching paint dry, only more boring and annoying. Sue Sylvester was only on the screen for a few brief seconds, for the rest, it was utter dross.

One surprisingly good newie, and I mean surprising, I was not very motivated to even watch it, is Hawaii 5-0.

Having enthused about Momford and Sons recently (they need to consult me about some of their lyrics, but in their own time), it seems as though M&S (NOT Marks and Sparks) are the new Snow Patrol when it comes to TV series' emotion music.


Karen said...

I'm not surprised that Glee isn't good anymore. Seems when shows get a little attention, they go downhill pretty quickly.
I also don't like the arrogant. ick.
- Karen

Sleepy said...

Glad the 'Eco Warriors' are still about!

Schneewittchen said...

Karen, yup, totes agree.

Sleepy - yup, hell in a handbasket, hell in a handbasket.