Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Clichéd City

Enough of the fascinating body parts.

This is Thanksgiving weekend. I'm not sure which day is Thanksgiving exactly, the day off is Monday, but the church service is tomorrow, and at the end of the day, it is a church festival. 'Thanksgiving' - who else would we be giving thanks to?

Well, one suggestion might be Obambi, a god amongst people it seems. He has won the Nobel Peace prize just for existing and being a solid bloke.
This is how we used to play it in schools, praise kids for everything - walking through the door without punching it, turning up at all to the classroom, not swearing for two minutes, and the theory was that you'll raise their self-esteem and eventually they'll start to behave better.
Except that you would have to have one teacher per child to really make the malarkey work.
And I'm surprised he accepted it - not a humble man. Which is fine, humility is much over-rated in my book, but then probably a pre-requisite for peace-making.

City as cliché, an interesting thought. Earlier on today, an author, talking on the radio about her latest book, described LA as a clichéd city. I kept thinking about that. I have only passed through it, so, I probably rubbed shoulders with the most clichéd part of it there is, and yes, noise, heat, palm trees, laid-back guards with very big firearms. I dunno, LA is talked about and depicted so much on TV, often actually filmed here in Vancouver.
"LA's fine, the sun shines, most ' the time, and the feeling is laid back, palm trees grow, rents are low, but you know, I keep thinking 'bout making my way back."
Population of about 3 million more than London, yet I don't think of London as a cliché.
But LA - I can see it.


Pep Cougar said...

If you were offered the nobel peace prize would you turn it down? How rude would that be? Americans LOVE to slander - I can't believe how up-in-arms everyone is about it. The most poweful man in the world is using his powers for good - just today the BBC said he was stoping the 'dont ask, dont tell' rule for homosexuals trying to join the military and openly allowing them in - big deal in America, right? That was just this morning's story. So I don't think it's lack of humility for Obambi, maybe he is just too English and not rude enough to decline...?

Pep Cougar said...