Thursday, 1 October 2009

Third Wave

Rumour has it that the city of Vancouver will be dealing with its homeless problem shortly before the Olympics - that's to say that they will conveniently disappear. The skating events will be here in Richmond, but, as any City Councillor will tell you, there are no homeless in Richmond, so no problem there.

In a totally unrelated matter, the Olympic athletes are to be decked out in specially designed schmutter with a big black 'C' on it, and a Maple Leaf. By an amazing coincidence, and to the chagrin of every other political party, the Conservative party's logo is a big blue 'C' with a Maple Leaf.

A presenter on the radio suggested that VanOC could kill two birds with one stone - as it were - by dressing the homeless in leftover athletics gear. Tidy 'em up a bit, in a corporate sort of way.

And in an actually unrelated issue, I use that word deliberately, if I want to become a third wave feminist, I'm going to have to get my groove on pretty damn quickly. Apparently it involves the politics of menstruation. I can't see me wearing my menstrual blood as lipstick, I'm more of a subtle pink shade of lippie type of person.
Still, I'm both appalled and fascinated at the same time. Mesmerised even. I SO want to be a third wave feminist, but what if the politics of menstruation has given me the old body swerve by the time I get with the programme?


Raymond's Brain said...

This is by the Vagina Monologues woman, if you haven't seen it yet.

Schneewittchen said...

Thank you! (And I hadn't:)