Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Rain, torrential, beautiful, soil-drenching rain. It was raining first thing when I took Whisky out, and it was raining when I got home and took him out again. Just before the sun set there was a magnificent rainbow. Then Whisky and I went out in the dark. Life is just a series of walkies.

Scanning through the Guardian's website, I came across an offer for a trip to the Belgian Christmas markets, 5 days for 265. Why did this make the diodes somewhere in my head light up?
There was always something special about that autumn trip to the French hypermarket, Christmas is coming type of thing, like the smell of onions being pickled, pudding spices being added.
And there was the promise of the German Christmas markets. I mean, the promise of even more christmasness. How exciting, light spilling out somewhere into dark streets, bustling vendors selling interesting wares, Stollen, little tree decorations. Dickensian Christmases.
Another way of spending more money in order to spend more money on top of the overspending we already do.

And thinking of Christmas, does anyone know what Frankincense and Myrrh smell like? It's just that on Bones, Agent Booth sniffed a corpse - a mummy - and said, 'smells like Christmas,' because it smelt of Frankincense and Myrrh. I'm thinking more Cinnamon and Cloves really.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, don't know Frankincense and Myrrh smell like. Though my house does smell of Christmas as I have been making Christmas puddings!

karemay said...

sorry above wasn't suppossed to be anonymous!

Sleepy said...

I know what Frankincense smells like!
I have some here, big amber type lumps.
Take some next time you are over.

It's hard to describe.
Imagine a musky sandalwood with a smidge of Nag Champa!

Schneewittchen said...

I was thinking of you making puddings Karen.

Sleepy, well, it sounds interesting, but, like I thought, not like Christmas. I won't ask WHY you have Frankincense :)

Sleepy said...

Kibbutz Days!

Schneewittchen said...

Ah..but then that leads one (well, me) to wonder what the Kibbutzim need Frankincense for ....or was it just because they could?

Sleepy said...

One of those gift things you pick up and forget who you got it for, so end up keeping it just in case you remember....