Thursday, 8 October 2009


Red blood cells.

Yesterday morning, I was interrupted whilst preparing for the morning's programme. My colleague wanted me to go out to speak to two German people who needed help but who spoke no English.
It turned out they only needed help understanding what my colleague had asked them, which...she hadn't filled me in on.

A boy in the class told me he knew I was from England because of my accent and because I speak English.

Three Rivers - another new medical drama. Medical, Law, Police. We're so predictable, the viewing public. This one wasn't annoying, but it also wasn't particularly engaging, except that it had Shane from the L-Word in it.

The pumpkins are coming. They are everywhere, it's like a scary movie, but with large, bright orange squashes that at some point become grinning faces, then grinning faces lit from the inside.

In Ottawa, Muslim groups have been lobbying to get the Burqa and Niqab banned because they contravene public safety, marginalise women, and have no basis in Islam.
Rock and roll!

Glee, I have decided, is a programme about women. The lead man, who, we are told, is cute, but is actually rather bizarre-looking, is a complete cretin. Jane Lynch continues to out-everything everyone, even the weird, psychotic woman has more personality than any of the male characters, and the other loony, the cretin's wife, is becoming seriously interesting as a character.
That said, the boys' Glee-club rendition of Bon Jovi's 'It's my Life' last night was jaw-droppingly brilliant.

By contrast, the characters in 'Modern Family' are well-drawn and funny and at one and the same time, stereotyped and subtle.

Elsewhere in BC, (as in not here) the snow has started. We are being reminded to get snow tyres, even for driving to Whistler. This is frustrating, since we could have to wait a long time for our snow - if it comes at all. We are being threatened with el Nino this year.

At work, I have invented 'Planet Smart'. It's just a rip-off of the electricity company's 'Power Smart' ads on TV really, but it's to help the kids remember to turn off lights and so on. It'll catch on, seriously, it will.


Sleepy said...

Muslim groups? Whoa!

bozo5 said...

I love how you spell "programme".


Schneewittchen said...

Sleepy - gives ya hope, doesn`t it?

Bozo - Innit!