Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Whisky, the Poo and the Blustery Day

Yesterday was a seriously blustery day. This seemed to please Whisky. Taking him out with a view to a poo, he instead wanted to lean into the wind, enjoying the feeling of his fur being blown back, and he chased every leaf he could - and there are a lot of leaves out there. Had I had the foresight to take my camera, I could have taken the iconic Canadian photo, dog gambolling amongst red maple leaves.
Oh well.

Turmeric has been found to fight certain types of cancer cells, I always add it to hummus, and Kev always adds it to soups.
It's not found in Peshwari naan, but I just wanted to mention that, as in mmmm...Peshwari naan. Turns out Bozo and I both miss being able to get that.

A definition that has been bothering me, in the way that it tickles away somewhere in your brain, until finally you take it out and scratch it properly.
A couple of times, a friend has mentioned a colleague to me, whom he has described as 'absolutely brilliant, but arrogant'. Try as I might, I can't square this. How can she be arrogant if she is absolutely brilliant? It's one of those mind games.
To be arrogant is to have an exaggerated sense of one's own skills or importance. This must mean that she thinks she is even more brilliant than she actually is. To make that judgement call, my friend must be more brilliant even than her, in which case, could he be being arrogant to think that, and if so, we need someone even more brilliant than him and so on. It's a never-ending ladder of brilliance.

Sleepy sent me this post about artificial virginity. It's a great post and says it all, but I think my favourite line is,
"If a $30 item that leaks fake blood violates your faith so profoundly that you must ban it, then what you have isn't really a faith. It's a fetish. And your fetish won't survive globalization."
But I also liked,
"Just don't ask God to protect your sick craving for wedding-night blood. She can't and won't."
Nicely done.


Sleepy said...

Next time you are both over send Kev to Crisp-e for a Naan Masterclass.
He makes those and they are fecking lush!

Sometimes people say arrogant when they actually mean Twat, but aren't honest enough to say, Twat!
Then there are those who are both arrogant AND Twats.
All very confusing!

bozo5 said...

Have googled "Crisp-e" while drooling. Can't find location. Please elaborate Sleepy.

Sleepy said...

bozo5.. Click on me and see the post for Monday!
That will explain a Crisp-e!

Schneewittchen said...

Ah yes, Crisp-e is a friend of ours - a man of many talents. I had no idea that Peshwari Naan was one of them.
I think the problem here is that we have mostly Indians and fewer Pakistanis.

Anonymous said...

I find that people can be extremely arrogant, brilliant or not, when they are expressing their opinions. They feel that their opinions are not really opinions at all but obviously fact and if you don't agree, then you are an idiot. This will result in the arrogant being condescending if they deign to hear your opinion at all or simply completely dismissive.
One of the most intelligent people I have ever met is my friend Glenda's husband, Ian. A physics professor at UBC, he has a PhD from Harvard and has taught all over the world, is in high demand at conferences and blah blah. He is also one of the least arrogant people I have ever met. This shows up in many ways but one important one is that I have never felt condescended to by him and certainly not dismissed. He never seems to feel the need to shove his opinions down anyone's throat and actually listens to what other people have to say.
I think brilliant people can definitely have a hugely exaggerated sense of their own importance. Put simply, because they are so smart they feel that therefore they are more important than anyone else or that their ideas/opinions matter more.
This is a good topic for me and hits a nerve as any hit of arrogance in anyone - both the brilliant and the less brilliant - turns me off completely.
- Karen