Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Wednesday, huh.

So, at 10.15 this morning, I found myself at the Liquor Store. I selected some BC stout called 'Blackheart' I took it to the checkout.

'This is certainly the time to come to the Liquor Store,' I quipped,
'Yep, sure is,' said the assistant, 'as soon as the 9.30 rush is over, it gets much quieter,'
'The 9.30 rush?' said I, 'seriously, you have a 9.30 rush at the Liquor Store?'
'Oh yeah,' he said, 'all the regulars,'
'Er, I suppose I'm a regular,'
'Nope, you're not, if you were I'd recognise you,'
'Right, aha, yeah,'
'So, Blackheart is really good, great choice, have you had it before?' he asked, enthusiastically in my opinion,
'I...don't actually drink beer,'
'Oh, well do you drink dark beer?'
'I don't drink beer,'
'Oh, so it's a gift?'
I felt like I was letting him down, but I had to fess up,
'Erm, I'm using it in a stew,'
'Right, hmmm... good that it's good, um, my husband will enjoy drinking the rest...I expect,mmm, right, bye.'

Later in the day, I discovered that torture and Amy Winehouse keep Whisky quiet. Maybe they're the same thing. The torture takes the form of having his ears combed to get the tangles out. So far as the music goes, The Clash works too.

TV has started up. House - meh, they need new writers.

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