Saturday, 18 September 2010


So happy birthday to Seth, he has been experiencing the long birthday of the distanced-from-home.

Yesterday, in American Eagle, I searched for the son-in-law gift. Some jazzy underpants perhaps, suggested the assistant.
'That would be too creepy for a mother-in-law,' I reminded him,
'It's what cool mothers-in-law buy,' he countered,
'Creepy ones,' said I.
I loathe these people. And most likely, they loathe me.

Today, the Sleepy Mansions road trip down the West Coast, winds to a close. I thought for a while there, we might have to gird our lions (rather than loins) and drive down to Seattle, but all is well....ish. It sounds as though things have not been without incident, but not having to face the I5 unexpectedly on a rainy night is good. Actually, not having to face it expectedly in the rain is good, the I5 in the rain can be rather challenging.

The Book Depository, normally my best friend, has been playing cat and mouse with me.I am trying to purchase an e-book from them and they keep telling me it's out of stock. How can an e-book be out of stock? Then they say they'll notify me when it's back in stock, which they do, but as soon as I click on it, it's 'out of stock' again.

Next week, the telly scheduling goes berserk. This week, there has been a telly drought. BUT....we do have the new - and modern - Sherlock Holmes. Not, however, so modern that either of the main characters could be women.

Yesterday, we had the unappealing sight on TV of a woman, screaming at women priests, that 'Jesus chose twelve MEN to be his disciples,' to support the Pope in his misogyny. Oh yes, many misogynists are women.
Some people are such lazy thinkers.

I hope the Pope noticed that the Head of the Church of England is a woman.

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