Tuesday, 28 September 2010


You know that old joke, 'laughter is the best medicine except for diabetes, and then it's insulin,'? well, on TV there was just an ad for insulin. A man says, 'diet, exercise and tablets just weren't working for my diabetes, so my doctor suggested..' and we wait, expectantly, 'insulin'.

So Christine O'Connell, Tea-Bagger extraordinaire, claims she went to Oxford. She claims it on her CV. Turns out she was there for two days as part of a course she attended, the organisers had rented a room at the university.

And this bizarre behaviour in contrast to Canada, where, on the one hand, we are talking about going over to electronic medical records, and on TV we see a doctor turning to her computer screen as the patient walks in - exactly what my doctor always did in Britain.
On the other hand, someone having read the Stieg Larsson novels, (my assumption)we are possibly going to de-criminalise prostitution. This should lead to safer conditions for sex trade workers, and hopefully a decrease in human trafficking.

Yesterday, I couldn't help being amused at the idea, via Womanist Musings, of a multi-coloured muffin, a rainbow muffin if you will, being gay and therefore likely to corrupt. On the other hand, I couldn't avoid the feeling that the religious freaks involved, were really confused about what the word gay means. What a bunch of utter tosspots.

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