Tuesday, 11 May 2010

11th May 2010

Oh dear. I suppose it had to happen. DeCameron as Head Prefect. What a big pile of stinking poo.

On the plus side, it has led Austen to start a blog, writing about the general turmoil leading up to the big pile of stinking poo. I hope he keeps writing, I've been finding it very readable and interesting.

Women bishops are in the news again it seems. Apparently we could have some by as early as 2014! Yes, imagine! What I STILL can't fathom is how they can get away with saying shit that basically amounts to, 'but why isn't there any provision for the bigots?' Boo-hoo. Who cares.

Anyhoo, the most important thing about today, is that it's Sleepy's birthday. A big one. So, once more, Happy Birthday my friend! Good luck with 'The Resolution'.


Sleepy said...

I'm feeling delicate today.
Not sure if that's because I'm 40 or the obscene amount of Polish Potato Vodka I have imbibed!

Schneewittchen said...

Mmmm, I can certainly see your dilemma there.....