Friday, 7 May 2010

Gypsy Moth

This is the beginning of my frat-free weekend. Kevin has gone on the frat camping weekend, which makes me scuttle around cleaning and tidying. I imagine that drunken hockey listening is happening.
Do bears shit in the woods?
Most assuredly, but drunken engineers have to too.

The city has been spraying the area to combat gypsy moths, not the first world war aeroplanes you understand, the actual moths. They've imposed a ban on pesticides, so they have to spray with some kind of bacterial agent. And they have to spray at five o'clock in the morning. The plane going over sounds unlike any earthly plane, in fact it sounds for all the world like a gigantic insect flying low over the house and strafing it over and over again for an hour. Disturbing.

I have noticed, since being back at work this time, that the children have become more planet smart. Before Christmas, when ever I would ask them what we always should do when leaving a room or building, I hardly ever got a sensible answer. Since Easter, they have all got it almost straight off the bat.
And another thing that has improved has been the inclusive language of the teachers. I wonder if someone has been reminding them that that is what they are supposed to do. I can't see that the two are connected. The energy awareness was heavily pushed on TV during the Olympics, and then there was Earth Day.

Either way, it's all good.


Sleepy said...

Tut. Tut.
Traveller Moth... Surely!!

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