Tuesday, 4 May 2010

All Greek to Me

I can simply not get my head round what the hell is happening in Greece. The behaviour of the Greek people seems beyond belief. And yet is it? Faced with having to make even the slightest effort, people bitch and moan, they refuse to change bad habits and would rather the planet died than that they had to drive less, turn off unnecessary lights or curb consumption. The Greeks are merely taking it to an absolutley ridiculous level.

Tomorrow, Great Britain goes to the polls - sadly without me, the Icelandic volcano made it impossible to register to vote from abroad. I'm sure I wouldn't have changed the outcome, but I'd like to have had a voice.

A strange day at work. The same school was due to come in for a programme both morning and afternoon. In the morning, they rang up to say that their bus had broken down and they were having to borrow St. Patrick's. Unfortunately, St. Patrick couldn't lend it in the afternoon. Lucky he was able to lend it all really, he never seemed like a bus owner to me.
We ended up making our own field trip to Iona Beach in the afternoon. Since we had to go to my house to get the car, we also picked up Whisky, who had the most puppylicious time romping through the wet sand. He ended up smelling like sewage and looking like some kind of oil spill victim. I took him straight up to the shower when we got home.

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Sleepy said...

It's all going wrong!
One polling station ran out of Ballot papers.
Fucking Afghanistan did better than this!
100's have been turned away and police called.