Thursday, 20 May 2010

Mitchell and Webcams

Isn't Madonna queen of Malawi or something? So why isn't she doing something about this outrage? Why is the British government not intending to stop sending aid? Holy carp, it's not two years since I sat in the dolphin tank room at Van Aq and listened while two gentlemen from Malawi droned on about how men in their country force all the young girls in their village to have sex with them, and the bloody judge in this case has the fecking brass neck to call the perfectly normal and consensual sex between two adults as 'gross indecency'? Aaargh!!!!

However, almost as important, is the unveiling of the London Olympic mascots. I understand they have been reviled by the whole planet. They are, apparently, gender neutral webcam-based lifeforms. Not too inspiring, I must admit, but then the mascots we had were just cheesy and unappealing. I'm not entirely sure why we need mascots at all. I also don't know why we need Sebastian Coe, but there you go.

Whatever, David Mitchell cheered me up. Our advertising industry here is doing its best to break the English language, they have given us such gems as 'Live Healthy!', 'Much more cleaning ingredients' and 'less tissues'. I now add to that, 'two pair glasses'.

Incidentally, after I had had this picture taken yesterday, someone came along and said, 'oh, good old WC Fields!', hopefully they were talking about Winnie and not me.


Dawn said...

Great pic!

Schneewittchen said...

Why thank-you :))