Friday, 21 May 2010

Hope and Politics

Britain swelters under a heatwave. I smile because we're not. Then the sun beats down again and it becomes ridiculously hot here too. D'oh.

Kev and I went down to Washington State at the weekend. There the weather was teasing, cold, hot, cold, hot, hmmm...sounds more like a fever. We swanned past the queues with our Nexus passes, but soon I will have to get another visa waiver. It was definitely worth the minor effort of getting Nexus, to cross the border when the weekend contains a bank holiday.

On Friday, my general ennui with the new government in Britain, suddenly fell away as I learnt that Diane Abbott was to enter the Labour party's leadership race. Holy Carp! I thought, not only is she a woman, but she truly is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist. I immediately wrote to her office expressing my support. Not that it helps them, since I long since let my membership of the Labour Party lapse, so I can't even vote for her, but I'll be cheering from the sidelines. Go Diane, go!

I was also greatly cheered to learn that some subversive Catholics have ordained a woman. Sorry, rebel Catholics. Glad tidings indeed, as Maria Vittoria Longhitano herself says,

""I have opened the way. Catholicism means universality, and without women it is mutilated." " Well said your priestliness, well said.

On a rather distasteful note, a pensioner in Britain has been gaoled for having sex with a donkey and a horse. And in my opinion, that's all it is, distasteful, why the bloody hell should the British taxpayer have to shell out to have a man imprisoned for sex with animals when actual rapists roam free? Personally, I find many sexual things distasteful, for example, the idea that Jeremy Clarkson might be allowed to freely have sex with another human being, but I don't think he should be sent down for it. Oh wait,, no, really, no.

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