Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Picture courtesy of Di, from way back.

I'm finding it insanely difficult to concentrate or focus. Whisky has the same problem, so we have just returned from a walk. The sky is lighter, later.

Sarah Palin's popularity is waning. I guess that's good.

It's a long time since I watched Coronation Street, but I did like this series of photos, even though I knew very few of the actors. William Roache must have one of those portraits in the attic that age for him though. He has always looked the age he looks now. In real life, he's 78, I have no idea how old Ken Barlow is supposed to be.

This morning, I went to visit my friend in hospital. M (Bozo5) was already there. He said the priest had finally called, we have been trying to get one for ten days now. The priest said he'd received the message on Saturday, but had been busy. Good thing St. Peter's been backlogged on admissions then, eh?
In the middle of giving last rites, he forgot our friend's name. Good thing God knows every sparrow that falls then, eh?

Poet Liz Lochhead has been appointed as chief poet of Scotland, a role that carries the title of 'Makar'. Alright then. I know not of her poetry, but now I will make it my task to do so. She certainly has a Scottish enough name, I would expect that at least in Glasgow, they'd pronounce it 'Loghheed'.

My current reading is 'The Beauty of Humanity Movement' by Camilla Gibb ('Sweetness in the Belly'). I'm enjoying it, although it was a little slow to start, but I like the challenge of reading about a country I hadn't given much thought to. It's set in the Vietnam of today-ish. There is one oddity about the book though. From time to time, she uses the wrong word. For example, she says that some animal was 'beating itself selfless', instead of senseless. There are at least a couple more of these malapropisms, which makes me wonder about the editor as much as the writer. Weird.

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