Sunday, 2 January 2011

Five Visits and a Wedding

We brought the New Year in down in Birch Bay, where it was exceptionally frosty. This didn't deter me from swimming, in fact for the most part it deters everyone else, so, result.

We had a New Year's Eve fire of course, and then I raked out all the ash and so the New Year's Day fire burnt even better.

I have been practising giving the evils.
It had been going quite well, I managed to silence two lads in the cinema with a single look, and make a woman (driving) put down her mobile phone. Sadly, it failed me when I tried to use it to silence a car alarm. Keep practising I suppose.

The highlights for me.
Alex and Seth arriving.
Olympics (surprising)including Sleepy's first visit and KD Laing (she didn't visit, but was memorable).
Buying the Static.
Dawn's visit, then our trip to Alaska.
Sleepy Mansions' second visit.
Mary's visit.
Margaret and Andrea's wedding.

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