Friday, 7 January 2011


The Anglican Journal arrived at the Schloss - somewhat annoyingly since we were supposed to be receiving it by e-mail.
Anyroad. On the front cover is Mr. Tony Blair and some bald bloke....called....U.S. journalist and atheist Christopher Hitchens. Somehow, a debate between the two men in Toronto, has slipped below my radar. They were discussing whether religion is a force for good in the world, and it turns out that over twice as many people think it is bad as think it is good, ergo, Tony lost the debate with 32% of the vote and Mr. Hitchens won with 68%. It's an interesting point. I think overall, it's the evil side of religion that people see more. You don't hear about ordinary Buddhists who just go around respecting the world, likewise Wiccans, Druids, Jedi and probably a large percentage of Hindus, what we hear about in the news all the time are the imbecilic fundies of every faith, the paedophiles who abuse their position, and the out and out weirdos.

Speaking of weirdos, in YVR's winter e-mail, they tell us some of the astonishing things people try to take on a plane in their hand luggage.
Now, Several years in to the era of not taking liquids and gels, and probably ever since air travel began you weren't allowed to take scissors and knives on board, it beats me that people are still holding up the queues whilst those particular items get confiscated, but for the love of Marmite, who, WHO needs a sausage-maker on board an aircraft, and even more bizarre still, the mind boggles as to why anyone would need a cobra pickled in rice wine under ANY circumstances.


Sleepy said...

I can imagine Cobra in wine fending off MRSA; and given the state of most airline bogs.....

Schneewittchen said...

Eeuw...., well, I won't even say I think I'd rather have the MRSA, because one of my friends contracted that after serious back surgery, and it damned near killed her.