Friday, 18 March 2011


On the one hand, some people criticise the Nanny State that wants to interfere in the lives of its citizens, on the other, they want that same Nanny State to come and rescue them from the Middle East, Japan, Mexico, whichever human-made or natural disaster they find themselves stranded in the midst of. Get on the planes that are still flying, people.

Earning the title of complete bunch of amateurs, Harper's government are currently having to distance themselves from Minister Bev Oda who has stopped Canadian funding to the international aid group, Kairos. She did this by having the two other people needed to authorise payment, sign the document that gave that authorisation, then getting her aide to insert the word 'not' in it. I mean adolescent or what? Not only that, but instead of falling on her own sword in a welter of shame, she is trying to defend this outrage.

To add insult to injury, well not really, but still, adding to the whole rank amateur feel of the thing, Canada's most prestigious and publicly owned news channel, CBC, can't even speak or spell the Queen's English when reporting on it.
"...she is in contempt of Parliament over her earlier explaination for the defunding Kairos"

Yesterday, I was expounding the theory that if you're good at something, nobody notices, or it just looks easy. It's not easy to teach a class of 30 adolescents, but it can look like it is with an experienced teacher. Likewise, you go into a fairly ordinary restaurant in France, the sort that seems like it's in someone's back or living room, and the service just happens without your noticing, quite a pleasant contrast to what you often find in North America, where you are oh so aware of the server because they're in your face every ten minutes whining about wanting to know how you're liking your meal.
Our music director at church is a fabulous musician, but you don't notice necessarily, because it just all sounds perfect, nothing off key or out of synch, it just dovetails with everything else.

Ok, but these blokes are amateurs in the original meaning of the word, and that is a good way. Kevin showed me this the other day, and while I was watching, I couldn't help thinking that Kev could be in this group. Maybe it's just the West Coast garb, but maybe it's because he is quite the singer.

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