Monday, 28 March 2011

Small Things

Ah, so many small things.

In order to feed our addiction for the Danish serial 'The Killing', we are now watching series 2. Unfortunately, the sub-titles haven't been through, or anywhere near, the BBC and so frequently have no meaning.

I was quite overcome yesterday evening, while driving home from Kits, to come upon two electronic road signs that said, 'Drive Safely', (what is the opposite of 'dumbing down'?) contrasting starkly with the two outside Surrey Memorial Hospital a couple of weeks ago which read, 'Be Prepare to Stop'. (sic).

Safe driving however, was not what we encountered coming back from the Static on Saturday night. On the off ramp from Highway 99, we waited at the traffic lights until they turned green for us to turn left onto Westminster Highway. There are two lanes at those lights, and we were in the right hand one. Therefore we were lucky enough to escape being ploughed into as a car coming from our left, ran the red light and took out the car next to us in the left hand lane.

Walking through Zellers just now, I noticed a stand for 'Women's (name of brand) Bras'. I decided not to walk around to the men's section to check whether there was a stand for men's bras. Mainly, if I'm honest, because if there are, I don't want to know.

Q & A videos on the impact of Lip Service, via Lesbilicious.

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