Monday, 21 March 2011

Vernal Equinox

It's rather worrying when the Weather Laws as passed down from generation to generation, go awry.
I wish, I wish, I wish, that I had been able to take a picture of this, but, you know, driving, the sky coming back from Washington yesterday evening was bewitching. It was as though the whole sky to the west was on fire, and a deep, coral-coloured fire at that. The mountains to the north were tinged with pink and then further round, sparkled with snow and lights. So, Shepherds absolutely delighted or what? But this morning, do we wake up to the most glorious spring-like day EVER? No! We wake up to rain.
Well, all I can say is, the rain on the Static on Friday night was brilliant, followed by a lovely, clear, sunny day on Saturday, and that incredible, luminous moon on Saturday night. Then, of course, the sky on Sunday.

Anyhoo, I had completely forgotten that the hummingbirds come back around Saint Patrick's day and lo! They had certainly arrived at the Static. I hurried to put their feeder out, and was rewarded with the low hum of wings not long afterwards. Today I have put the one at the Schloss out. Visitors to it were infrequent last year, and yet they did come. This year, the Salmonberry doesn't seem to be showing any willing at all, and that is the only real possibility of nectar for them, so who knows, maybe we'll get more.

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