Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ofwat and Broccoli

A fine day! A FINE day I tell you. I was able to open the windows - pretty important as it happens, since I'd blanched and frozen a load of broccoli, and the smell was hovering up in the bedroom. I was able to go outside and start tidying my balcony boxes. I have seeds germinating indoors, I have seeds refusing to germinate indoors. We're forecast another partially sunny day tomorrow, so I'm hopeful of more outside time.

In spite of that, we are still not seeing much in the way of flowers. March is halfway through and there is nary a daff. A few crocuses here and there but that's about the extent of it. Ergo, I offer some snowdrops from Winchester. Ah, Winchester, beautiful, beautiful town.

This evening is my meeting-free evening. Divine.
However, I have spent my day and evening firstly visiting my friend in hospital and then by doing paperwork. My last letter of the evening has been sent to Southern Water, who have tried sending me a bill, for a flat I moved out of seven years ago and which I in any case, paid monthly by direct debit. It also found its way to Austen's address, at which I have never lived. Quite a mystery. My first thought was to simply contact the water industry's watchdog, Ofwat. This was also my second thought when, after the most basic google search, Kevin discovered that Ofwat had fined Southern Water 20 million pounds in 2006, for fraud relating to customer service. However, Ofwat tell you to try contacting the water company first, so I have done so.
Watch this space, as indeed, shall I.

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