Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hockey and TV

Yesterday evening, we went to a hockey match.
Ice hockey.
The Vancouver Canucks played like shit, and that's the official opinion, not just mine. But I was totally impressed by the efficient way a huge sea of people were moved from the stadium onto the skytrain station and then onwards. I was also impressed by how good-humoured the fans were. Me, I was cranky, prickly, tired and had a pain in my stomach - well, to be fair, I had eaten too much during the game.

Today was the first of the winter programmes at work. As the class arrived, a dad was on one knee with a professional-looking camera taking pics of everything - and he carried on doing the same. So neither of us noticed when the camera got bigger and had a light on it...and in fact we didn't notice that it wasn't the same chap at all, and in fact, that the camera was a TV camera.
So, elbow-deep in small children and plaster animal footprints, with our most manic smiles, we could be on TV next week, fortunately on a channel no-one watches.

Oh, and the funniest item on the morning news today was this, apparently already going viral on YouTube.


Sleepy said...

You? Watching some sort of sport?
It does not compute!
You are obviously possessed by an ironic demon!

Schneewittchen said...

I know! But fear not, my eyes were (barely) open, but my brain wasn't engaged.
Also, North American sports aren't really like sport as you know it, they only play for a few minutes and then some alternative entertainment happens, (fortunately, not cheerleading), I do wonder whether North American audiences could even cope with a whole football match.

Sleepy said...

Just seen first episode of new Boston Legal!