Thursday, 11 June 2009

Arse from Elbow

I nearly blogged yesterday, but all I had to say was that it rained for about a quarter of an hour in the evening - although that was big news.

I'm a constant gardener - I keep moving plants around, my plants could never be bored, but on the other hand they never get to just relax into where they are either.

The Iranian election is interesting - mostly in that they have such things and that the female people are allowed to vote. None of the candidates are women of course, but in any case, as we saw in Israel, even when a woman actually wins, she often doesn't get to form a government.
So, there appears to be a reformist candidate, but oddly, he looks like a cleric, and in fact, IS a cleric. He's unlikely to win.
There's a moderate, who could possibly win, unless the ballots are rigged. Of course, that would be very unlikely to happen, wouldn't it?
There's another candidate who isn't in the running it seems, and then there's our old friend A Mad, Bad, Jihad, who keeps threatening Israel, enriching uranium and just generally being a twat.
We should know tomorrow.

Apparently, many British people don't know where their vital organs are - not because they've mysteriously misplaced them, but because they couldn't place them on a diagram of the body. I find this quite astonishing, since it seemed a bit of a no-brainer, if you'll pardon the pun, hopefully they'd all know where that is, but really, unless these Britons happen to be doctors, and even then, probably only if they happen to be surgeons, I'm not sure it's too much of a problem. So long as you know where your mouth and arse are, you shouldn't get into too much trouble most days.

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Kevin said...

mildly worrying in some ways. I mean, there IS a level of insight that is shown by knowing that thumping in your chest is the muscle that keeps everything else well-fed on oxygen. Right to be worried, I think. I suspect it's not isolated in Britain. Most of the world is not as switched on as I'd like to think.

Most mornings I'm not as switched on as I'd like.