Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Magic and Politics

This was weird. On Sunday, I noticed there was something wrong with Word, I mean, seriously, terminally wrong, and Word plays quite an important part in my universe. So I wrestled with it, we both did, there was swearing. Almost tears.

Yesterday, I wrestled with it again. Not only do I NEED Word, but since the advent of the 2007 version, I have been spoilt, because that is a thing of great beauty, as software programmes go.

This evening, wrestled again. Went away, watered the plants, did some stuff, then there was an e-mail from my friend M, asking me to do something that...yes, involved Word. But as soon as I saw her e-mail, I knew what to do, and I did it, and it worked. I'm beyond stunned.

I'm also stunned, and again, in a good way, by Obambi's speech about the treatment of protesters in Iran. Nicely done my friend. Of course, Gordon Brown did it first, just that no-one noticed because he's not the flavour of the millennium.

Both Margaret Beckett and Ann Widdecombe are quite splendid MPs, both of whom have been knocked out of the race for the job of Speaker of the House of Commons.
Of course.
But wait...the MAN who was elected seems to be annoying his own party by being pro-choice, not homophobic or misogynistic,and generally, sort of...not very Tory like.


Sleepy said...

I loved the idea of Widdey on the Woolsack!

Schneewittchen said...

She'd certainly give it a good workout!

Sleepy said...

She'd be fecking fearsome in that wig!