Saturday, 13 June 2009


What is it about perpetual sunshine that makes you drink lots and forget that basically, there's a hell of a lot of shit going on out there ?
Or maybe it IS just the tequila.

Rioting in the streets of Iran as a stunned electorate cannot believe that Mad, Bad, Jihad won the election. Nor can I, but probably not appropriate for me to riot, I have other battles that need my attention.

A driver in the UK was awarded a suspended sentence for playing chicken with an ambulance which had a dying woman inside it. I don't care how stressed she was, that is beyond conscionable.

And the other morning, on our TV news, they interviewed people about texting whilst driving. The people looked sheepish, but agreed that yes, they did do it. They had the lamest of lame reasons too.
'Oh, I don't like to not respond to anyone,' said one woman, just kill complete strangers then, yes, I can see how that works.

But there is good news too.
The brassicas are doing well. This broccoli will be ready to eat before too long.
And a new series of True Blood starts tomorrow night.


Sleepy said...

My turnips and sprouts are doing really well.
Your Broccoli is looking the business!

Schneewittchen said...

It's amazing what you can do in small spaces really :)