Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Last day of work today, which is weird, especially weird since tomorrow is a Bank Holiday - Canada Day.

This evening we finally went to see the Star Trek Movie and it was SU-BLOODY-FECKING-PERB. I was entranced, spellbound, from start to finish, and for every second in between.
I have just one question arising.
Why do Vulcans have English accents unless they are half-bred Vulcans?
No, that wasn't it, erm...
Oh yes, say you star in, basically a low-budget stoner movie, 'Harold and Kumar do a little something something'. Which direction would you prefer your career to take - advise the real life President Obambi on how to be a kick-arse dude, or star in the remake of a legend?
Mmm....I think I'd have to go with 'star in Star Trek', seemed like great fun.

This is the Wizard's night-time ball.

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