Thursday, 18 June 2009


I guess this had never occurred to me. But here in Canada, some of Her Majesty's subjects speak French as their first language. I think I'd largely thought of the Québecois as bowing to M.Sarkozy, but this evening, on TV, there was a lawyer, 'Procureur de la Couronne', how cool is that? It's just like 1066 and all that.

Yesterday was the last programme of the year at work. We've had a pretty hectic season and the weather has been fine for most of the time. Now I'd like some rain, some serious, serious rain.

Dammit, Ikea is having Midnight Madness tomorrow evening, Swedish heaven, and Kevin and I are going to a wine tasting. Well, I'm looking forward to that of course, but I feel I won't be in any fit state to wander down to Ikea afterwards.

Kevin is watching Jamie Oliver's 'Ministry of Food' and Jamie has just had afternoon tea with Marguerite Patten! She not only really exists, she's bloody well still alive! Even in our house, where cooking was not an activity that was much enjoyed, we had several of her big, glossy, themed cookbooks. Wow.

Bizarrely, all Jamie's cookery students are wearing T-shirts with 'It's pucker to pass it on,' emblazoned across them. I'm not sure I understand the play on words here. I mean, I know that Jamie Oliver is famous for talking about pukka food, but pucker? Kiss? Wrinkle? What Jamie? Explain yourself.


Sleepy said...

Pucker? What a dick!
Then again, he's never struck me as an academic.

I know her Majesty is a fluent French speaker, I wonder if it's because of her Froggish speaking colonials.

Schneewittchen said...

I rather feared it might be a faux pas. Does make him look a bit of a todger doesn't it?

I expect it's half that and half that she just listened at school. Most people of her age, and even my age, couldn't have got through secondary education without having Froggish thrust upon them. Still, something more for us to be proud of her for!