Sunday, 7 June 2009

Obambi Steps

We went, we saw, we didn't conquer.
I think I was expecting Obambi's New America to have totally changed since our last visit. Maybe there were some changes. It was certainly a good time to cross the border. Canadians now have to have passports to cross, although I thought that had happened last year.
We were behind two people trying to get in on an expired Korean passport. They were sent back. The office I have to go into to get my visa waiver form had a new fingerprinting machine.
'Forefinger,' said the man, I placed my forefinger on the machine.
'No, four fingers,' said Kevin, who had been listening more carefully, and not simply hearing what has always been said in the past.
We had to go to the end of the room to pay our six dollars. The two men sitting there just ignored us. I thrust six bucks at them, plus my form, and they managed to complete the transaction whilst still totally ignoring us.

The weather was hot, sunny, hot again, but I managed to swim twice so life was sweet.

I bought some yoghurt that had a space on the pot for you to write how you were going to re-use and re-use and re-use it, before recycling.

Obambi steps to a brave, cleaner, new America.

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Sleepy said...

Liking the Yogurt pot idea!
Mine get used for growing seeds.